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Trent McCall
Full name

Trent McCall


c. 1972 (age 40)




Hotel Owner


Loren Tate (daughter)


Nora Tate (ex-wife)
Unkown (wife)

First seen

"An Unexpected Guest"

Last seen

"The Final Concert"


Rick Ravanello

Trent McCall is Loren Tate's father, who left the family abruptly when Loren was four years old. He married Nora when they were nineteen, producing Loren a few years later. Acording to Nora, he wasn't prepared to be a father and resented the amount of time Nora poured into raising Loren. One day shortly after Loren turned four, he went out for a pack of cigarettes (even though he didn't smoke) and never came back home. He tried to contact her by sending her untraceable texts, but Nora realized it was him when he sent a phrase that was the title of a poem he wrote. Loren decided not to let him back into her life and texted him to leave her alone. He showed up at her concert in An Unexpected Guest and tried to apologize for what he did, but both Loren and Nora rejected him.

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