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Traci Madsen
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Full name

Traci Madsen


Trace (by Jake)


Beverly Hills, Los Angeles, CA


Graphic designer


Jake Madsen (husband)


Jake Madsen (husband)



First seen

"Meeting a Rockstar"

Last seen

"An Unexpected Guest"


Shannon Kane

Traci Madsen is a successful graphic designer and Jake's loving wife. She constantly needs to keep her husband's Hollywood lifestyle in check, and remind him that his personal life matters too. It's sometimes a struggle to keep his focus at home, especially when his attentions become even more divided by other interests.


Jake Madsen

Jake and Traci are a power couple. With his workaholic ways and her successful career in graphic designing, they have little time to spend together. Jake wants children, but Traci is unsure due to their busy lives. Traci's best friend, Kelly, moved in with the couple when she got into music management. After Traci got back from visiting her dad in Chicago, she grew weary of Jake and Kelly's relationship, thinking they were having an affair. Traci has gotten more and more desperate to prove that they are seeing each other, despite knowing the fear is irrational. For a short time, Jake moves into a hotel and their marriage seems to be over. However, thinking she is pregnant leads Traci to reconcile with Jake, but after finding out it was only a false positive on the pregnancy test, she decides to leave Jake and take the job in Chicago.


Kelly is Traci's best friend who moved in with her and Jake. Kelly arranged for Traci to fly to Chicago after her father had a heart attack. Traci's friendship with Kelly has been strained recently because Traci has the belief that Kelly and Jake are having an affair. The two had more fights after the kiss between Jake and Kelly was revealed. Their friendship eventually dissolved.