“The Paparazzi Photo”
Photo ep 36
Adriana shows Kim the paparazzi's photo
Season 1, Episode 36
Prod. code


Spl. guest

James Franco as Oz Silver


Brandon Bell as Jake
Shannon Kane as Traci
Yara Martinez as Kelly

Air date

August 6, 2012


Lisa Seidman
Valerie Ahern
Christina McLaughlin
Brent Boyd


Noel Maxam

Episode Chronology


The House Party


Eddie's New Song

"The Paparazzi Photo" is the thirty-sixth episode of Hollywood Heights. It first aired on Nick at Nite in the United States on August 6, 2012 and received 0.621 million viewers.


The paparazzi release a photo of Eddie and Loren. Adriana heats up an argument with Loren and Mel. Chloe takes Tyler with her to a meeting with Oz and Oz has big things for the both of them. Ian takes Eddie to Rumour for brunch and they bump into Tyler.


Songs featuredEdit

Bonnie Dune – Quiet confidence (21:43 - Loren & Mel/Adam & Mel at the café)
Joe Cameron - A Good Day Today (38:24 – Adam, Mel, Adriana & Kim at the café)

All times are based on the episodes available on iTunes


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