“Loren Makes the Top 25”
HH106 23 ExcitedLorenwithMel
Loren finds out that she has made the top 25.
Season 1, Episode 6
Prod. code



Merrin Dungey as Ellie
Brian Letscher as Gus
Rick Otto as Colorado
Meredith Salenger as Lisa

Air date

June 25, 2012


Flint Wainess
Sally Sussman
Brent Boyd


Cynthia J. Popp

Episode Chronology


Eddie Decides to Take the Next Step


Loren Has to Make a Decision

"Loren Makes the Top 25" is the sixth episode of Hollywood Heights. It first aired on Nick at Nite in the United States on June 25, 2012.


Loren's song makes the top 25 in the contest; Chloe pays $15,000 to keep a photo of Tyler leaving her apartment from the press; Loren is convinsed that Adam has feeling for Melissa; Eddie picks out a ring for Chloe; Kelly convinces Jake and Eddie to let her listen to the top 25; Tyler threatens to tell Lily about the accident.



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