“Loren's Proven Innocent”
Season 1, Episode 13
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Merrin Dungey as Ellie
Brian Letscher as Gus
Meredith Salenger as Lisa

Air date

July 4, 2012


Flint Wainess
Sally Sussman
Brent Boyd


Cynthia J. Popp

Episode Chronology


The Incriminating Photo


Chloe Finally Gets What She Wants

"Loren's Proven Innocent" is the thirteenth episode of Hollywood Heights. It first aired on Nick at Night in the United States on July 4, 2012 and received 0.434 million viewers.


Chloe tells Eddie that Tyler's been stalking her to explain the photo. Loren is proven innocent at school but doesn't make the contest's top five.

Extended Plot

Loren has been suspended from school due to the evidence that was placed in her locker by Adriana and Phil. Now she, Melissa, and Adam set off to clear Loren's name. They sneak into Phil's room to find any evidence of the stolen test. First coming up empty handed, but Adam later discovers a second laptop where the incriminating evidence has been stored. They quickly take pictures using Adam's phone right as Phil comes in and sees this taking place. He smashes Adam's phone, but after Phil leaves Adam reveals he had sent copies to Loren's phone right before his phone was crushed. Loren turns the evidence that was sent from Adam into the Principal getting her back into school. With her suspension lifted, Loren is thrilled. But this is short lasted because she then hears she did not make the Top 5 in Eddie Duran's song-writing contest.