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Katy Duran
Full name

Katy Duran


March 21 (year unknown)


Los Angeles, California




Max Duran (husband)
Eddie Duran (son)


Max Duran (husband)

First seen

""Meeting a Rockstar""


Lorena Segura York

Katy Duran was the mother of Eddie Duran and wife of Max Duran. She passed away while in a car accident with Tyler Rorke and Chloe Carter a few years back. Max still struggles to get over her tragic death, and has trouble getting out there to meet new people. Both Max and Eddie are still mourning her death and want to know who caused it to happen. Based on Eddie's stories, Katy seems to have been a very kind and caring person towards her family and friends. Eddie likes to talk about his fond memories of her, like one story he told Loren about the time a seven year-old Eddie bought her a 'world's best mom' t-shirt that she wore over a dress to a red carpet event.


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