Welcome to the Hollywood Heights Wiki's Blog policy.

Please refer to the Hollywood Heights Wiki Policies for more information.


This page will answer many of your questions pertaining to blogs on this wiki. If you can not find your answer, please ask an administrator.


Blogs are a place for many things on this wiki that should not be expressed in articles. Any blog that is in violation of these regulations will most likely be deleted.

Blogs should normally consist of

  • Questions to the community
  • Predictions about the series
  • Fan made fiction
  • Interesting events pertaining to the series
  • Fun games and ideas for the community
  • Discussion topics for improving the wiki
  • Reviews of episodes and events

Blogs should not be

  • Advertisements
  • Self-promoting
  • Biographies
  • Scam/Porn
  • Simply Youtube videos
  • What should belong in an article

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