“Bad News Travels Fast”
Loren finding out about Eddie's death.
Season 1, Episode 66
Prod. code



Robert Adamson as Phil
Merrin Dungey as Ellie
Hunter King as Adriana
Nick Krause as Adam
Brian Letscher as Gus
Grayson McCouch as Don
Meredith Salenger as Lisa

Air date

September 17, 2012


Lisa Seidman
Greg Schaffer
Brent Boyd


Casey Childs

Episode Chronology




Max Looks For Answers

"Bad News Travels Fast" is the sixty-sixth episode of Hollywood Heights. It first aired on Teen Nick in the United States and earned 0.171 viewers.


Loren tries to keep positive about the news about Eddie's accident, and Nora and Mel are there to comfort her; Max is breaking down in tears when he hears the news, but he is determined to find out the truth; Tyler tries to point fingers to Eddie, and Lily wants answers; Jackie scolds Tyler for lying to her; Jake and Traci are shocked when the news comes out, and Kelly and her try to comfort Jake; Jackie and Tyler talk to Chloe but get no answer; Tyler warns Lily to stop fishing for gossip, or else he will get revenge.


Songs featuredEdit

Phoebe Sharp – Feel this way (38:23 – Montage)

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